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Tips on purchasing mobile phones on a Kenya online store

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The mobile phone that you are using nowadays matters a lot nowadays. Top manufactures of the biggest brands today are competing day and night trying to come up with the best smartphone that will entice more customers. Both low-end and high-end mobile phones are entering into Kenyan phone market daily. The below list contains some of the biggest brands that we have here in Kenya.

East African cell phone market has changed gradually including brands operations everywhere. Africans equally have switched to more digitized means of communication diverting from the old means of communication. Today we have communications channels like Whatsapp and Facebook masseger that are taking over forcing the calls and texts less irrelevant. The smartphone industry in Kenya has become more competitive than the communication channels. Research now shows that around one person per ten people acquired a mobile phone in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ghana. That shows that, in few years to come, everyone will own a cell phone including all teens in Kenya. This is something that seemed impossible few years ago.

My list of top brands of mobile phones includes phones that vary differently regarding general specifications. Preparing this list is not an easy task but all in all, it was necessary to parade these phones for the sake of reality. That being said, we shall begin with the best smartphones in Kenya to most used mobile phones in Kenya.

Many smartphones users use Android phones as their favorite models. Manufactures equally are not resting in producing top-notch cell phones day after day. Customers have different tastes from better cameras, applications, and incredible responsiveness. Below is a list of top mobile phones in Kenya today:

Top mobile phones in Kenya

Samsung phones

Samsung is as of now one of the best phones in Kenya and the rest of the world. Samsung additionally has the biggest pool of Android latest phones in the Kenyan market today. Samsung mobile phones have the most mainstream mobile phones for sale in Nairobi today. Samsung Mobile is one of the products inside the Korean-based Samsung Electronics. This company is the second biggest mobile phone maker by the production volume they deliver. Samsung produces different electronics including cameras, TVs, PCs and much more. Samsung mobile is always in the frontline in manufacturing phones that have different key specifications and costs. Every month, there is always a super mobile phone launched into the market.


Nokia phones

Nokia phones

Nokia Lumia smartphones are marketed and promoted by Microsoft Company. Nokia Lumia smartphones vary in their prices and specifications. After the deal between Nokia and Microsoft, Nokia Lumia mobile phones have become the talk of the town today. It was back in November 2013 that Microsoft declared a successful business deal between them and Nokia Phone Company. Since then, Microsoft has continued using the brand name on their phones since October 2014. By November 2014, all old Nokia phones were out in the market, and only the Microsoft phones were available in the industry. Microsoft brands are available in different shops in Nairobi although Safaricom phones prices vary from other shops. I equally checked different Jumia phone prices and noticed the prices are hiked beyond explanation. One unique feature of these cell phones is the fact that they use the Windows operating system. Since Nokia renews its wholesaler’s dealership ever year, we expect cheap mobile phones in Kenya every year.

Infinix mobile phones

Infinix mobile phones

Tecno Mobile might be the savior of the African Mobile Phone worldwide right now, yes it doesn’t mean other Smartphone manufacturers are not yielding big in the market, but Tecno phones are cheap anyway. Infinix prices in Kenya are good, and anyone can own one from a different online store or just get to Safaricom Infinix phones on their website. The origin of Infinix phone backs on the days when Kenyans were crying loud about biting prices. Of late, Infinix prices in Kenya have dropped massively. You can choose good Infinix smartphones like Infinix note 2 or Infinix Hot 3 in line with your pocket.  The Mobile Phone manufacturer right now brags on a scope of items which can cater for any low-income earner. So regardless of what you earn, there is dependably an Infinix Phone for you.

Look at out for a big list of most recent Infinix smartphones accessible to purchase from Jumia Kenya and their costs. Listed as one of the top brands, Infinix is amazing from their first look. Infinix made its first impression after few production portfolios, including the surf keen, Race Series, Diamond, Alpha Series, and Joypad Series. That being said, you can get one at any Infinix shop in Nairobi today.

Tecno phones

Tecno phones

This cell phone manufacturer has indeed taken over the control of the smartphone industry. It is now seen as one of the top players in this field. Tecno mobile phone prices in Kenya are good for some individuals who are looking for great mobile phone specs on a tight spending plan in Kenya cell phone industry. Tecno mobile phones in Kenya today are a standout amongst the most educated and reasonable students from the University of Nairobi. To bear the cost of marketing, Tecno smartphones in Kenya has incredibly added some accomplishment in the brand to get good cell phone coverage in Kenya.

If you are that customer that has just owned a Tecno phone, then count yourself lucky from owning a high-quality Tecno mobile phone in Kenya. When you search through the latest Safaricom phones on offer, you will notice that some smartphones are Tecno mobile phones. Also, look out for their specs and other mobile phone prices in Kenya.



It’s not surprising that business people are going for this Gtel mobile because of their long lasting batteries. The most important question is what is Gtel? This brand reached an agreement with Safaricom as the main distributer for their products. This raised many questions to a level of branding Gtel a scam.

Gtel has made it among the top 8 mobile phones in Kenya. The company reached a mutual understanding contract of 1 year with Safaricom. This brand has been doing business with Telecel Zimbabwe way before advancing to Khuluma 365. In Kenya, Gtel mobile phone ranges from 6,000 and 10,000 almost the same price with Zimbabwean prices. Gtel X2 was their first phone in the market.

Huawei phones

Huawei phones

The emergence of different mobile phones from Chinese manufacturers has hit the Kenyan market leading to a great competition. This move has left many mobile users with more choices to make from low-cost and high-cost devices in Kenya. The number of Chinese firms that have entered the Kenya market so far has shot to up to 5 companies so far. Huawei Mobile has been in the market from 1997 trying to come up with unique products year after year. This kind of brand has populated Kenya with many smartphones of different tastes all over. Such a healthy competition has strengthened the competition forcing companies like Apple, Samsung, Nokia and HTC to be more productive with yielding results in business. Huawei mobile phones continue to do well in the Kenyan industry as days goes by.

Lenovo phones

Lenovo Group Limited is the brain behind Lenovo phones. This multinational company is situated in China. It has its main headquarters in Beijing, China and in North Carolina in the United States of America. The company also makes and sells PCs, network servers, workstations and other electronic products. However much there is a stiff competition of mobile phones in Kenya, each company has its share provided its marketing strategies are good. From desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, this company has been on the frontline making the wheels run in the manufacturing industry. However, Lenovo also has cheap mobile phones for its low-income earners customers.


The Cubot Note S entered into the mobile phone Kenyan market few years’ months ago. This is the most recent mobile phone in Kenya from this manufacturer, and it’s nationwide sold in Kenya by Kilimall. This mobile phone comes into the Kenya cell phone market amid its rival Infinix Note 2 that has been available in the nation for two months now. The launch in Kenya has created high competition, moderate and unique mobile phones in Kenya. It’s a great phone that surpasses the latest Safaricom phones on offer regarding specifications and prices.

What else

Mobile phones in Kenya today have turned into a need than a necessity! From surfing the web to interacting with family and friends up to running a business. Mobile phones are used to perform a pack of duties from morning to the end of the day. The eyes of most tech lovers are interested in the most recent mobiles phones in Kenya.  The launch of most advanced smartphones is moving Kenya by storm.